Welcome to the Student Web Server

This is the College of Charleston Student Web Server. Current students of the College of Charleston may create their own Home Page on this server. You can, however, use HTML, PHP, CSS, and JS to build your site. If you have any questions or issues using the Student Web Server, please submit a Web Support Request. Please view the How To page for more information on how to use the Student Web Server to create and manage your site.

Student Web Server Policies

Current College of Charleston students are eligible to use this service. When your College account is removed, your site will be removed as well.

You may not run any full-stack web applications; this server does not support database management.

You may not use your site for merchant credit or debit card transactions or other monetary transactions.

Individuals are expected to observe all applicable laws and College policies, including but not limited to the Student Handbook, the College's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy, and Copyright Policy.

The College reserves the right to inspect all user files and communications for all lawful purposes, including but not limited to investigating allegations of illegal activity, violations of College policies, or to protect the integrity and security of network systems. The College will investigate all complaints involving personal web sites hosted on College resources and will remove or block material or links to material that violate federal or state law or Colege policy.